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8 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows – Or at Least The Glass

Windows are essential in every home. They let natural light into the house and keep your house ventilated to ensure it does not look gloomy or feel stuffy. Windows also give you the opportunity to enjoy the view and Colorado scenery. Proper care and maintenance of your windows is essential. It’s how you ensure that the windows can serve you well for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, there comes a time when replacing your old windows is inevitable. Bad windows can make your house look unattractive and may compromise your security or increase your utility bill. Watch out for the following warning signs to know when to replace your windows.

Condensation on the Inside of the Glass

When you notice moisture between your panes, it’s time for a replacement. Condensation between the glass panes is a signal that the seal broken down, and the double-pane glass insert needs to be replaced, if not the entire window. This is different from condensation on the outside of the glass, which simply means the level of humidity is different outside than it is inside your home. 

Your Window Frames are Visibly Damaged

When a window frame is damaged, it may eventually break completely. This would leave your home open to more severe problems such as water leakage, mold, and pests. Moreover, it is easier for strangers to break in. If your house was built with older windows, the silver lining is that this is an excellent opportunity to upgrade to modern energy efficient windows that also meet forced entry safety standards. 

Cracked Window Panes 

A crack on your window glass is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. Cracks will spread, further breaking the glass. The cracks also highly contribute to energy inefficiency since it allows a lot of cold air to enter your house in the winter or leave the house during the summer. In addition, the cracked glass is compromised in integrity and can easily shatter further even with a low impact. In addition, your home is more prone to theft and burglary. Professional glass replacement or whole new windows can easily resolve these issues.

Faulty Window Operation

This is another obvious sign that your window needs repaired or replaced. Malfunctioning windows might occur due to part failure from aged windows or mold and rot. Typically, the window has become unbalanced, which leads to sticking and jamming when you try to open it. Defective windows can result from prolonged exposure to heat. A window will also fail to function effectively if there are broken pulleys and broken balancers. Call for immediate professional help! They’ll either repair the hardware or help you replace the windows to enhance comfort and boost security in your home.

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Audible Outside Noise

Are you occasionally disturbed by car horns, traffic noises, and dogs barking when inside your house? It would help if you upgraded to good quality windows with excellent insulating materials. Glass packages specifically designed to reduce sound transfer are available for most new window configurations as well. Technicians recommend the use of double-pane glass or specialty sound reduction glass to reduce noise pollution. They will provide a serene environment that is peaceful and ideal for relaxation. Home is where you find comfort and peace. Additionally, they will ensure a climate conducive to teleworking.

Decay and Damage on Window Frames

Window frames incur damage due to decay that even professional repair won’t entirely solve. This mostly happens when the frames are made of wood. Rotting occurs as a result of moisture around the edges due to water seepage. It is common for rotten frames to have mold and fungus as well. This causes discoloration, and the wood becomes too soft. Do not waste time repairing or repainting the rotted frames – replace them immediately. 

Skyrocketing Energy Bills

Do you shiver when sitting in the living room directly next to the window? Does your house get hot in the summer because you don’t want to pay to cool it down? As a window approaches the end of its lifespan, it develops cracks between the frames. The openings allow excess heat during the hot season and freezing in winter, overworking the HVAC system. Ultimately, it translates to high electricity bills. Hire professionals to replace the window to improve energy efficiency. In addition, you will lower the workload of your HAVC system and make it easier to avoid costly repairs! With recent technological advancements, energy-efficient windows are available in the market at affordable prices. Consider using window replacements to minimize future utility bills.

Outdated and Unsightly Windows

At some point, your windows become outdated and unattractive in the current market. Although they might be functioning appropriately, replacing them can add value to your home. You require modern windows for curb appeal and overall home improvement. They will give your home the new look you are aiming for. In addition, new energy-efficient windows increase the value of your house, leading to a high resale value.

Don’t allow old, broken windows to negatively impact your home’s comfort. Watch out for the above signs and immediately call for professional help.