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Bring on the natural light in your favorite room.

Are you tired of looking at that broken or foggy glass? It may be time for a glass replacement to brighten your home, but don’t just trust anyone with your home. City Glass Company has over 70 years of experience, the skills, and the drive to resolve your glass issues and make your house shine again!

Having clean, undamaged glass windows and doors make a home feel open and welcoming. At City Glass Company, we know how it feels to have the view from your home tainted by foggy glass or damaged windows. We can bring back a clear view of Colorado nature to your home with new glass. While we are it, we can also improve feel and functionality with door and window screen replacement so you can safely fill your home with fresh air and become one with the beautiful outdoors. We provide quality products when it comes to glass, window, and door replacements that are bright, durable, and stylish without breaking the bank.

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Why Choose City Glass Company for Doors, Windows, and Glass Replacement?

Not sure if we’re the right choice for your project? Our 70+ years of excellence, an A+ BBB rating, and comprehensive service are some of the reasons we are trusted by the people of Colorado Springs. We are also dedicated to making your home beautiful again and it can be done in 3 easy steps:

STEP 1: Get the Estimate (FREE)

STEP 2: Get Advice and Choose Products

STEP 3: Get it Installed and Start Enjoying

Whether you have broken/fogged glass or outdated and inefficient windows/doors that are costing you money and reducing your home’s value, City Glass can bring a modern style and look back into your home.

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Replacement or repair, City Glass is your trusted source for windows. Top quality products with superior service!


Let us create the custom glass door that’s perfect for your home or business.

Glass windows and doors are an essential aspect of modern architecture, offering several benefits to homes and businesses. The use of glass in architecture has evolved over the years, with advancements in technology leading to more energy-efficient and durable options.
One of the significant advantages of glass windows and doors is their ability to let in natural light. This helps to reduce the need for artificial lighting, creating a more energy-efficient space while also improving the overall ambiance. Additionally, the use of insulated glass can help regulate temperature, reducing heating and cooling costs.
Glass windows and doors also offer improved security compared to traditional options. Tempered or laminated glass is much stronger than regular glass, making it more difficult to break or shatter. This added security feature can give homeowners and business owners peace of mind, especially in high-crime areas.
Glass windows and doors are also aesthetically pleasing and can add value to a property. The use of different glass types and designs can create a unique look that enhances the overall appearance of a building, making it more appealing to potential buyers or renters.
In conclusion, glass windows and doors are a valuable investment for any property owner. They offer several benefits, including energy efficiency, improved security, and enhanced aesthetics. With the many options available today, property owners can choose from a range of glass types and designs to find the perfect fit for their needs.