Commercial Glass | Repair and Replacement

Does your business have damaged glass windows and doors? No problem.

Here at City Glass Company, we understand that professionalism is paramount, and we know how cracked or broken glass can damage the upstanding look of your storefront. If you’re ready to restore your business to brand new, you can rely on our comprehensive replacement services to get your windows, doors, or glass walls redone with quality materials that are befitting of your establishment.

Glass Door and Hardware Repair and Replacement

If your door closer or hinge is faulty, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our commercial glass repair experts in Colorado Springs to offer more efficient, long-term solutions to repair your door and keep it working for many years to come, without the need for further fixes.
Our commercial glass replacement services will:
  • Enhance your business’s appearance – Even with the most expensive furniture and interior design, broken glass can make your office unprofessional. We will fix your door and restore that appealing look of your business premises.
  • Improve safety – A broken door or storefront can cause injury to you, your employees, and your customers. Our commercial experts will replace your glass so that all can enter without fear of getting hurt by scattered shards or, more importantly, security issues.
  • Reduce leaks – Broken glass can cause air leaks that interfere with your indoor heating and cooling system. Once we assist in repairing your door or window, your building will maintain consistent and manageable energy costs.
Let’s Start Your Next Project Together

Broken Doors & Hardware

Whether the wind caught your glass door and caused the closer to fail or the closer is not performing as it used to, City Glass can assist in replacing or repairing the door closer. We can also recommend options to improve the performance of your commercial glass door, keeping your door operating longer without repairs.

Broken Window Glass

Each building and business has a unique look as well as unique needs which require a helping and trusting hand. City Glass will help you pick the correct glass to meet your specifications. Whether you are repairing glass or installing new business glass, we’ll make sure your glass storefront works perfectly and looks great, too.