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Commercial Glass Window and Storefront Door Installation

Is the appearance of your commercial building affecting business and lowering morale? A modern-looking building can really change the way customers and employees view a business. Whatever your business, City Glass has the glass products you need for function and design.

Local business owners looking for Colorado Springs commercial windows, storefront glass doors, and more have trusted us for years to execute their glass and mirror installations with excellent results. If you need your place of business to excite and impress those in it, there’s no better place to get commercial windows in Colorado Springs and across the Pikes Peak region than City Class Company.

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Commercial Storefront Glass

Are your customers always on edge or irritable? You may need a new entrance that warmly welcomes all who come in with a shower of natural light. Storefront glass can also provide energy efficiency benefits, especially when high-performance insulated glass is used. This can help reduce energy costs and improve the overall comfort level inside the building. Look no further than City Glass Company. You’ll find our storefront glass doors and windows across Colorado Springs, from gas stations to car dealerships and coffee shops to strip malls, we do it all. There is a reason we are trusted across the city, call us today to see why!

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Curtainwall Systems

Does your business need a modern update that will keep the weather at bay? Even if you don’t know what a curtain wall is, you’ve likely seen one before – they’re systems that clad a building in glass and aluminum to provide a look inside while also resisting water and air infiltration. City Glass has been installing curtain walls since 1950 and while the glass is lightweight, it can certainly stand up to anything Colorado’s unpredictable weather might throw at it. For the best-looking commercial windows in Colorado Springs, call City Glass Company today!

Curtainwall systems are a type of exterior building envelope system that uses lightweight aluminum framing and glass to create a non-structural wall that sits on the building’s structure. The system is typically used in commercial buildings, such as office towers, hospitals, and schools, and is designed to provide a number of benefits, including increased energy efficiency, natural light, and aesthetic appeal.
One of the key advantages of curtainwall systems is their ability to provide excellent thermal insulation and energy efficiency. The system can be designed to include high-performance insulated glass, which can help reduce energy costs and improve indoor comfort levels. The use of natural light also helps to reduce the need for artificial lighting, further reducing energy consumption.

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Commercial Glass Doors

We know it, people are not gentle with storefront doors so you need doors that will look amazing and hold up to frequent slamming and help you prevent high wind damage. Commercial Glass Doors provide a number of benefits, including a modern, sleek appearance, increased natural light, and energy efficiency. Glass doors can be customized to fit the specific needs and design preferences of the business owner, with options for clear or tinted glass, as well as frameless or framed designs. Look no further than City Glass’ commercial glass doors, we’ve installed thousands of glass storefront doors in Southern Colorado so you can count on the expertise of our glass technicians and the quality of our service.