With the Holidays upon us, the dining table is a place for gathering with friends and family. For games, feasting and crafting, but the more time spent at that table, the higher the risk for damage on your tabletop. 

Spills, scratches and cup rings can build up on your holiday dinner table. Consider getting a protective glass tabletop to protect all surfaces in your home. Glass tabletops are affordable, long-lasting, simple to personalize, and guaranteed to extend the life of both new and old surfaces. 

Advantages of Glass Tabletops

Glass tabletops are popular for a variety of reasons, including their elegant appearance. Here are a few more reasons why they’re in high demand.

glass tabletop

Easy to Customize

Our dining table protection comes in a broad range of designs and styles. Whether you are wanting to show the original wood with a clear sheet or glass or add a twist with a tinted or frosted tabletop, choose from a variety of customizable looks we offer. We can also custom cut the piece for a perfect fit. 

Because glass top tables are so adaptable, you can incorporate them into a variety of home decor styles. They are suitable for contemporary, modern, vintage styles and beyond.

Makes A Dull Surface Seem Like New

A glass tabletop could be the answer if your wood furniture lacks style. These modifications can offer a new color or stain to worn or aged pieces of furniture in your house without requiring further work. You can even get creative by adding flat images and decor between the glass tabletop and your table surface for a personal touch.

Increases the Life of Wooden Furniture

All of the scratches and nicks naturally occurring on wooden surfaces are avoided by the added protection that glass tabletops give. In certain circumstances, covering your wooden furniture with glass may triple or even indefinitely extend its life span

Tips For Maintaining Glass Tabletops

Just like glass windows and doors, glass tabletops require regular maintenance to keep them in superior condition. Here are our glass tabletop tips:

Be Regular with Cleaning

Wood surfaces may withstand a lot of strain and wear before showing indications of distress, but glassy surfaces aren’t quite as forgiving. Spills and smudges will stick around unless you make an effort to wipe them up. Our private label glass cleaner and a rag works great! 

Clean Furniture Before Glass Installation

Putting a glass tabletop on damaged or dirty furniture is like looking at it through a magnifying glass. Some problems, such as dust accumulation and fingerprints, become unavoidable when the glass is placed on top. Be sure to clean your original surface well before placing glass on top.

How to Select a Glass Table Cover?

If you know your wooden furniture will get a lot of use while family and friends visit, or if you’d like to add a new aesthetic element to your room, consider getting a tabletop to protect your furniture.  Consider the following details to help you decide on the right glass tabletop for you.

Glass Thickness

Flat glass is commonly found in thicknesses ranging from 1/16′′ to 3/4′′. The majority of protection glass tops are composed of 3/16′′ or 1/4′′ thick glass. For virtually all tops, we recommend using 1/4′′ thick glass. The sole exception is 3/16′′ thick glass, which is sturdy enough for smaller tables (less than 24′′ wide) and may be utilized to complement existing tops or shelves.

Another thickness option for protective tops is 3/8′′ thick glass, which is ideal for big conference tabletops with electrical outlet holes, notches, and other intricate cuts. The increased thickness is required for further strength.

Glass Type

If you are worried about safety, consider using tempered glass instead of annealed glass. Tempered glass has four times more impact resistance and is tough to shatter even if hit with a rubber mallet. 

Tempered glass is also resistant to heat. We still strongly advise using placemats or coasters to protect the glass from scratches, although tempered glass can endure considerable temperature variations without breaking. 

Work with The Glass Pros

Consider a glass tabletop as a simple protection against stains or scratches on your valuable hardwood furniture. Glass tabletops are practical and affordable, making them a no-brainer this holiday season. 

Contact City Glass Company for professional assistance on the best thickness, edgework, size, and color (tint) options for your next tabletop. City Glass Company is ready to turn your customized glass tabletop idea into a reality. With over seven decades of industry knowledge, we can design and construct a solution that adorns your home, business, or any location where you require a standout tabletop. Contact us for more details on a Custom Glass Tabletop for your home.