City Glass’s Generosity and Dedication to St. Jude Dream Home

In support of the 2023 St. Jude Dream Home, City Glass has donated mirrors and shower enclosures to this great cause ! This communities generosity and dedication to this cause is truly inspiring. With our communities help, St Jude is able to build a beautiful home that will benefit the lifesaving mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. It’s heartwarming to see local businesses  come together to make a difference in the lives of children and families in need. We are grateful for this partnership and look forward to making a difference together!

See below the letter we received from St Jude.

Covington Homes Trades, Friends and Associates,

On behalf of Covington Homes and St Jude Children’s Research Hospital we would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to City Glass for your AMAZING and MOST GENEROUS Donation of Mirrors & Shower Enclosure for the 2023 St Jude Dream Home!!!  YAY!!! SO AWESOME!!!  This is PHENOMENAL, FANTASTIC, and FABULOUS!!!!  

Year In AND Year Out- our trades have been AND Continue to be an INCREDIBLE Partner and Friend to St Jude and LOYAL to the case of saving children! And you are TOO!!

You are AWESOME!! You are so very Gracious and kind and INCREDIBLE!! And a PHENOMENAL Donation for the St Jude Dream Home as we kick off  Year 8 of the Dream Home!!     

City Glass is ALL IN for Their 5th YEAR as a Proud Partner of the Colorado Springs St Jude Dream Home!!! You have ALWAYS been and will CONTINUE to be an AMAZING part of the Dream Home!!

You are THE ABSOLUTE BEST and you are SOOO Appreciated!!!! We are so Thrilled that you are ALL IN as a Champion for St Jude!! We are SUPER excited and are SO THANKFUL that you Continue to LOVE the CAUSE!! DREAM HOME CONTINUES TO THRIVE and we are showing the Kids at St Jude just how much we all care!!! This goes to show what a TREMENDOUS job St Jude is doing to inspire us ALL to give and make a difference!!   

This ALSO shows that YEAR IN and YEAR OUT we have a SPECTACULAR and UNBEATABLE Team we have around us!! THANK YOU for getting on the Beat Childhood Cancer Bus!! Even in these CHALLENGING TIMES, our Community CONTINUES to be an Unstoppable force and we will not stop until we help St Jude cure ALL Childhood Cancer!! Ron and I and the WHOLE Covington Team are thrilled to be able to embark on YEAR 8 of this GREAT journey of the St Jude Dream Home with you!!  

We KNOW how AMAZING YOU and our Entire Team are and The Hundreds of Thousands of Children that are cured from Cancer continue to THANK YOU!! They are here and Living Beautiful Lives because you ALL care enough to help them Fight their Fight against Childhood Cancer and WIN!!!   

We are VERY PROUD to have City Glass as a Friend of St Jude and Partner. 

We are so VERY THANKFUL for you!!! ESPECIALLY during these tough times!! And to ALL who have given of their Time, Treasure, Materials, and Labor to this year’s Dream Home!  THANK YOU!!!! 


City Glass – 100% ALL IN with Mirrors & Shower Enclosure for Dream Home!!!