Repair and Replacement | 24-hour Emergency Glass Repair Services

Residential and Commercial Emergency Glass Repair

The exterior of your business will help shape a customer’s first impression of your company, and a broken door, cracked window, or cardboard quick fix can quickly sour the perceived integrity and quality of your business.

At City Glass Company, we attend to all emergency glass repair services, and provide 24-hour emergency repair services to ensure your business always looks clean and professional. Our emergency services include glass door repair, window repair, window replacement, and more.

Broken windows or glass doors in a building can negatively alter how a customer perceives your business, or drastically affect the safety of a home. A storefront that has a clean, finished look will draw in anyone walking by, and a properly built and secured house offers a sense of comfort and protection to those living there. City Glass Company is glad to provide comprehensive emergency glass repair services to help restore your Colorado Springs business or home to pristine condition.

Emergency glass service: 719–634–2891

City Glass provides 24 hour emergency board up and repair services. Our emergency glass services include glass repair, replacement windows, glass door repair and more.

Our 7-Point “SERVICE for Emergency Service

S – Single Pane windows will be replaced on-site

E – Exposed Double Pane windows (broken through) will have glass removed and be boarded up

R – Record Measurements for double pane units

V – Visually  inspect frames for damage (insurance won’t replace your window unit after replacing glass)

I – Identify glass type; if not obvious a piece will be brought back to the shop for verification

C – Clean up as much glass as possible (single pane, double pane, skylights, patio furniture)

E – Evaluate skylights; those broken through will have glass removed and a tarp secured w/retainer ring

Emergency Board Up Services

There is nothing more stressful than getting that phone call or walking in to your business to find that there was an accident or vandalism that leaves your business vulnerable. City Glass services helps protect your assets while working with insurance to help your business get back to well… business.  We offer 2/47 boarding to keep your valuables protected during the glass process.

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