Commercial Creations by City Glass Company in Colorado Springs and Beyond

As the longest running glass company in Colorado Springs, our expertise has grown exponentially! One of our biggest growth areas over the last 70 years has been in commercial buildings. From hospitals to car dealerships and restaurants, our experience with commercial glass installation and replacements in Colorado Springs has strengthened. Our business began in 1950, providing glass installation for homes and businesses in Colorado Springs and beyond in the Pikes Peak Region. Today we remain one of the largest glass providers in our local area. You can read about some of the sizeable glass projects we have been part of in the last 70+ years:

Why Choose Glass for My Commercial Space

Our commercial glass services are great for business owners, general contractors, and others with industry specific buildings. City Glass Company has extensive experience in the installation of both fully glazed storefront and curtain wall systems along with commercial glass doors, louvers, and other glazing-related specialty items

Storefront and curtainwall systems allow plenty of light into your structure and will invite your customers into a bright and welcoming building. Large expanses of clear glass help open up any area within a building and deliver a sense of  spaciousness, while the use of alternate glazing materials such as Spandrel glass will allow you to  maintain a level of privacy for some areas, such as meeting rooms, or will block the view of structural beams between multiple stories. One recent project that our commercial team completed included both interior and exterior glass for the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department’s Satellite Facility in north Colorado Springs. 

View these photos below to get a glimpse of our work on building envelopes, including glass windows, doors, and more for commercial spaces:

city glass commercial
colorado springs custom glass

The exterior of this building features an impressive tilted curtain wall, allowing plenty of natural light to shine through. The low-E insulated glass units  used in this section not only keep out the elements, but also reduce the amount of solar heat penetrating the building.

office glass

Heavy glass walls were used for the interior offices of this commercial building. These design elements eliminate the need for full frames and let the wall almost disappear, thus enhancing the appearance of openness and space . 

exterior glass

Clear anodized sunshades add some protection from glare while creating a sense of depth and structural interest. 

We are proud to say you can find our work at the extremely popular, In-N-Out Burger in north Colorado Springs! This project was a huge milestone for our company as a lot of excitement was built around their opening in our community. The Colorado Springs In-N-Out Burger at 1840 Democracy Point, 80908 is the very first branch of this corporation in the state of Colorado. Our work on the building was completed in 2019 and features a unique design, not seen in any other In-N-Out restaurant! 

INO interquest

Notice the unique attributes of this In-N-Out Burger, such as the “between glass grid” and the integration of several “false walls.” The grid, known as a muntin, is a strip of wood or metal that separates panes of glass in a window. This feature was added to the architectural design to pay homage to Colorado’s western heritage. Insulated lowE glass units installed in a dark bronze Kawneer storefront system blend well with the light adobe finish of this building. The false walls of the building were built to look like windows. We used spandrel glass to accomplish this look. So, next time you are waiting in line for your burger and fries or are enjoying your delicious food at In-N-Out Burger, don’t forget to take a look out the window and remember your trusted glass company in Colorado Springs!

As of about two years ago, In-N-Out Burger designated our team at City Glass Company as their preferred glass company for their franchises in the entire state of Colorado! We address all glass and glazing emergencies and glass & glazing service needs for In-N-Out Burger. 

Other businesses we have helped in the construction process in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area include:

  1. Pinnacle Eye Center
  2. Arby’s North Colorado Springs
  3. Saint Francis Medical Center
  4. La Veta High School
arbys interquest

Is Glass for My Business Safe?

We install tempered glass for commercial projects, such as curtain walls and storefronts, to ensure that in the case of an office chair rolling into the glass wall for example, the glass is safe even when broken. Plus, the assumed risk of having glass for your storefront is solved by knowing we provide a seven-point emergency service for glass in Colorado Springs: 

S – Single Pane windows will be replaced on-site.

E – Exposed Double Pane windows (broken through) will have glass removed and be boarded up.

R – Record Measurements for double pane units.

V – Visually inspect frames for damage (insurance won’t replace your window unit after replacing glass).

I – Identify glass type but if not obvious a piece will be brought back to the shop for verification.

C – Clean up as much glass as possible (single pane, double pane, skylights, patio furniture).

E – Evaluate skylights; those broken through will have glass removed and a tarp secured w/retainer ring.

As our local team continues to grow and thrive in areas beyond Colorado Springs, we are learning new techniques with each project! Working with an out-of-state client like In-N-Out Burger has taught us a lot about following various design requirements. We continue to learn something new as we help develop more In-N-Out Burgers in Colorado! We would love to earn your business in building a new commercial space that is in need of glass or for your decades-old business that needs new glass.