Incorporate Windows in Your Bathroom

Why? Bathroom ventilation allows the room to dry thoroughly after showers. This ventilation and air circulation also help eliminate toxins in the air to prevent mold and rids the air of chemicals from cleaning products. Many people find windows more effective than an exhaust system. However, bathroom windows can sometimes be challenging to incorporate without compromising privacy, especially in small spaces. Try these tips to make it easy!

bathroom natural light

1. Place Windows Wisely

People like privacy in the bathroom. Essentially, you want to avoid putting a window in a location that can potentially provide a view of the shower or the toilet or take extra care to obscure the view. You also need the window in a place where people can access it in case they want to open or close it.

2. Obscure the View to the Inside

Select an obscure glass style to put inside the window and obscure the view without blocking the light. Options such as traditional obscure glass, satin etch glass, gluechip glass, and more offer additional privacy while increasing the decorative appeal of the window. Alternatively (or in addition), curtains can help obscure the view as well. Curtains offer great decorating opportunities, but what’s more important is that they offer privacy and provide an extra layer of protection.

3. Utilize Both Windows and an Exhaust

You may run into cold winter mornings where you don’t want to open the window. It’s always good to have a backup plan that doesn’t run up your heating bill! For the sake of comfort and energy efficiency, you can also incorporate an exhaust fan in your new bathroom so that you have multiple ventilation options.

4. Take Advantage of Natural Light

Natural light makes rooms look warmer and brighter. When picking windows and curtains, ensure that the window is strategically placed to maximize natural light. Choose curtains and glass that won’t obstruct this light so that your bathroom remains open and bright.

5. Use Energy-Efficient Windows

Your windows act as a main source of ventilation in your bathroom. However, during the summer and winter months, some windows can diminish the efficiency of your HVAC system. Use energy efficient windows that come with airtight sealing that won’t allow air flow unless the window is open. You should also use high-quality energy efficient glass that will minimize heat transfer – keep the warm air outside in the summer and inside in the winter.

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